Michigan ‘Glamping’

Michigan is known for having some of the most dramatic weather changes throughout the year. Our state is home to winters that seem to last 9 months and summers that have temperatures reaching nearly 100 degrees. That being said, there are many spots throughout the state that give us Michiganders the opportunity to make the … Continue reading Michigan ‘Glamping’


Flipping Homes: Risks Vs. Rewards

Ready to start on your own home flipping adventure? You're in luck. Meet our office's go-to guy for all things renovation - Ray Thietten. Ray is a real estate agent with Real Estate One - Troy and owner of Smiley Creek Properties.  Ray recently shared some secrets and insight on flipping homes. How long have … Continue reading Flipping Homes: Risks Vs. Rewards

Get the Best Price for Your Home by Decorating to Sell

  If you’re planning on putting your house on the market this spring or summer, it’s safe to assume that you are hoping to sell your home fast and get your asking price. Set yourself up for success by highlighting your home’s strengths, downplay its weakness, and appeal to the greatest pool of prospective buyers … Continue reading Get the Best Price for Your Home by Decorating to Sell

Growing your business with Instagram

  Recently you may have heard about the up and coming strategy of inbound marketing. It is a new method of social media or digital marketing by which you attract clients to your business instead of using traditional marketing to convince or “hard sell” them. When used effectively, social media allows you to instantaneously connect … Continue reading Growing your business with Instagram